It’s a beautiful feeling,
To own next to nothing,
Yet at the same time,
Feel like the world is yours.

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Bullets have no best before date.
Nor do bombs or landmines.
Things that kill, maim, or mutilate,
Seem to get a pass from time.
But your milk will curdle,
And your bread grow mould,
Veggies become fertile,
Candy hard, chocolate old.
Maybe bullets should go bad.
Perhaps last an hour.
Before turning weak and sad,
And losing all their power.
Instead what gives life,
Is at best fleeting,
Whilst things that take life,
Prove to be time-beating.


Not history,
not destiny,
not good luck,
bad luck,
no Godly will,
no kharmic bill,
no predetermined
shoes to fill,
no cosmic game,
no star to name,
no past,
no childhood to blame,
along the way,
they play a role,
but they’re just pieces of the whole,
not to defend,
the path you wend,
for in the end,
it all comes down,
to choices.


Feel through the neediness,
Feel through the pain,
Feel through the part of you
scared to be hurt again,
Feel through your anger,
Feel through your scar,
Feel through the part of you
not sure of who you are,
Feel through your emptiness,
Feel through your tears,
Feel through the part of you
afraid to face the years,
Feel through till you come to
the place we are all of,
Feel through the heart of you,
Feel through to Love.


We all are fragile vessels,
Of immeasurable worth,
Blessed with possibility,
From the moment of our birth,
Yet oft we wander aimless,
Are confused by our own voices,
Forgetting love and kindness,
Should infuse all of our choices.


You have grown,
So has your world,
Once you lay upon me curled,
Your world as small as small could be,
Just your brothers and your mum and me,
But time has held fast to its plan,
You’ve grown to be a fine young man,
Not content to sit at home,
When you’ve found the globe to roam,
With destiny at your command,
You’re soon off to another land,
To meet and greet a foreign shore,
And expand your world some more,
Keen of mind and strong of heart,
Your character will play its part,
You’ll meet the world and do it good,
Just like I always knew you would,
I always knew you’d travel far,
I love you son for who you are,
And I hope beyond hope it’s allowed,
For me to say,
I’m very proud.


Tickle your demons,
Distract them with laughter,
It keeps them off guard,
They forget what they’re after.


There are days that are filled with accomplishment,
There are days when I’m on the couch curled,
There are days when I’m marginally competent,
There are days when I rule the world.

Arms makers, arms dealers,
I lay you to blame,
You don’t care who’s killing,
Or in what name,
You don’t care who’s dying,
Who’s crippled, who’s lame,
At the end of the day,
All your gold looks the same,
Call me simplistic,
Argue defense,
Behind all your riches,
The sound is nonsense,
You profit through hatred,
It fuels your greed,
Power or religion,
You nurture the seed,
You’ve no motivation,
For bloodshed to cease,
Because there’s no way you
Can profit through peace,
My limit is reached,
My anger is full,
It’s time to scale back,
The whole world’s arsenal,
Call me naïve,
I don’t really care,
As with nuclear weapons,
It must start somewhere,
Maybe not down to zero,
But as close as can be,
A weapon moritorium,
So that we can see,
If we can slow down,
This daily death dance,
And if there’s really a way,
To give Peace a chance.

Cat on a leash?

Now I’ve seen it all!
But, really, sheesh!
If I recall,
Cats aren’t supposed to act this way,
They’re indepent! They strut and stray!
Not trained, and walked, and easily led,
They make their own rules instead!
No, something here seems untowards,
So perhaps, in fact, it’s all backwards,
And she’s walking the human instead!

For a moment….

Thought I found the perfect words to say,
For a moment,
Then they slipped away,
But in that moment everything was good.
You understood my innermost,
Saw the ghost of things that used to be,
I’d found a way to help you see,
Beyond the pain,
Wrong or right,
To put things in a different light,
You had your own epiphany,
Knew the ties left binding you and me,
Are ties built deep and meant to last,
Irregardless of the past,
Saw your warm, accepting, glowing heart,
I sensed you ready to restart,
I’d found the perfect words to say,
For a moment,
Then they slipped away.

(My take on a wedding vow.)

I promise.
To be honest with you,
To be honest with me,
To have and to hold you,
To love and enfold you,
To sing, dance, and laugh,
Never giving just half,
To embrace who you are,
And who you want to be,
Never taking for granted,
The love that we share,
Working hard to make magic,
Always being aware,
That love like a flower,
Needs attention and care,
I’ll do all that I can,
To show that it’s true,
Never giving you cause,
To doubt I love you,
I promise.


Stumbling up late on Sunday morning,
Head cloudy from a night of redwine,
Eyes foggy because I forgot to take my contacts out,
Before I slept,
I wander into the kitchen,
Put the kettle on for coffee,
Water and vitamins while waiting,
Then after infusing my body with caffeine,
And a morning cig,
I feel nearly competent to handle appliances,
Like the toaster and stove,
And so begin the process of my morning sandwich,
Two eggs fried,
Environmentally friendly eggs,
Given by chickens who have their own apartments,
Furnished with stereos and beanbag chairs,
Then three slices of smoked, rindless, backbacon,
Purchased from The English Shoppe,
And which I convince myself is provided by happy pigs,
Living luxuriously in the exquisite English countryside,
As they fry, I prepare the wholewheat toast,
And take out the sliced gouda cheese,
Which I sometimes buy because it’s cheap and easy,
And just as well, because I probably shouldn’t handle
A cheese slicer just now,
When all is ready, the assembly begins,
Butter toast,
Slice of cheese on each piece of bread,
Divide the fried egg in two,
Place one half on a slice of cheese,
Then add two pieces of bacon,
Then the other half of the egg,
The remaining slice of bacon,
Then taking the remaining toastslice with cheese,
And topping it, to create the sandwich,
Pressing it down, to condense it, cohese it,
And then proudly eating it over the kitchen sink,
The bachelor’s norm,
And often a wise choice,
I bite in, and enjoy,
As the flavours mingle in my mouth,
And I pull out a small separate piece of bacon,
To try it without the other flavours,
And it is good,
Salty and good,
Not too thin, and it’s textured,
So that when it shrinks in the pan,
It appears like a small mountainous land.

(Take a breath, and read this slowly)

Close your eyes,
Hear your breath,
Feel your heart,
In your chest,
Count the beats,
One by one,
Now the calm,
Has begun,
Reach inside,
A girl is there,
Help her up,
Stroke her hair,
Take her hand,
Kiss her cheek,
That girl is you,
The You you seek,
Now be strong,
Just for her,
Guide her way,
And be sure,
Show her love,
Kiss her face,
All will fall,
Into place,
When she is calm,
So will you be,
That inner peace,
Will set you free,
You’ll feel warmth,
And love and care,
Let your life’s choices,
Flow from there.


Apathy, sweet apathy,
What have you not done for me,
Not disagreed, nor concurred,
Quietly not said a word,
Whether I laugh or grieve you’ve,
Worn indifference on your sleeve,
I’d salute your lack of care,
If I could get up from this chair.


An Easter day all bright and sunny,
Preparing for the Easter bunny,
That comes up from his little hole,
And gives out all the eggs he stole,
He hops around, does all the playing,
While hens work to do all the laying,
Their products great, fine execution,
But they know naught of distribution,
So bunny put two and two together,
A perfect blend of fur and feather,
With some savvy market tricks,
He threw some chocolate in the mix,
Through work and brains and dedication,
He brought the world a new creation,
So Happy Easter,
With a nod and wink,
All brought to you by Bunny Inc.

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Every year,
I fight the cheer,
I play along,
But listen here;
It’s not that easy,
The yule thing,
All the joy,
And all the bling,
I do okay,
I coast along,
Good greetings here,
A Christmas song,
But underneath,
It’s just a play,
I promise to,
Ignore the day,
But every year,
It’s just the same,
Come Christmas day,
I shed the game,
No matter how,
I’ve fought and torn,
I awake on Christmas morn,
By Christmas spirit,
No matter how,
I fight and fear it,
It overtakes me,
None discreetly,
As Dickens wrote,
I’m done completely,
I’m overcome,
And what is worst,
My heart expands,
So it might burst,
On the 26th,
It’s gone to sand,
But on the 25th,
My fellow man,
Can do no wrong,
Not a single one,
I’m opened wide,
My plans undone,
For on that day,
Christmas bells toll,
Some kind of magic,
Takes control,
No matter how I feel,
Throughout the year,
On this one day,
It all seems clear,
That Love profound,
Clear, unadorned,
Can change the world,
How it’s been formed
Yes on Christmas day,
I understand,
Our real strength,
When we can stand,
As one,
A single human race,
A collective will,
And take our place,
All colour, creed,
Religion gone,
Bound as one,
And moving on,
To our next phase,
Of evolution,
When we move from problem,
To solution,
But so powerful,
Is this clear insight,
It’s only there,
For Christmas night,
On that one day,
We stand embracing,
Then after wonder,
What we’re chasing,
A memory, a thought,
A “what could be”,
If only all,
Yes, you and me,
Could connect our hearts,
And feel the way,
That we all feel,
On Christmas day.

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